Global Video Licensing Transactions
made faster & efficient

Fueled by Industry Data
Accelerated by Proprietary AI


Vitrina is a worldwide platform in the video content industry to enable and facilitate content acquisition transactions. Our platform captures and catalyzes global industry data to securely identify appropriate content, facilitate cross-border acquisition decisions and speed localization transactions. A complex, manual supply-chain gains speed, security and cost reduction.


  • Access to entertainment industry data and intel
  • Understanding of content transaction workflows
  • Catalyzed with latest breakthroughs in AI/ML/ NLP
  • Delivered with state-of-the-art SaaS architectures

Vitrina commands deep domain knowledge in Entertainment Metadata, Media Analytics, Content Search, Recommendation Engines and SaaS architectures as well as access to and expertise in proven AI/ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.


Our Founder is a successful, serial entrepreneur and entertainment industry specialist who was formerly a CXO in an S&P-500 multinational. Our investors and advisors represent some of the best minds from entertainment studios, the tech world and Silicon Valley VC funds.

Advisors and investors

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Jon Oringer
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Mitch Barns
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Thomas Hughes
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Ford Goodman
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Pradeep Tagare
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Steve Ciesinski
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Satyen Kothari
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Edward Lando
Team image
Vikram Modi
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Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs (SAE) India


San Francisco Bay Area,
Pune, India
Mumbai, India
Product & Data Team

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